What Is The Purpose Of Prosperity?

On June 4, 2018

What Is The Purpose Of Prosperity?

Gravy is a proud sponsor of the 7-figure CEO Podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs break through the million-dollar barrier facing them in their business. This podcast moves past the ‘theory’ of business and focuses on practical strategies that you can implement right away.

At Gravy, we exist to help entrepreneurs and CEO’s solve the problem of failed payments and credit card declines in their business. We know this one problem alone costs small businesses billions of dollars nationwide each year, and we want to help. We are passionate about entrepreneurship, and we want to help as many businesses leaders as we possibly can build healthy, thriving businesses that will continue to serve people, solve challenging problems, and provide jobs for years and years to come.

Today’s Guest:

In this episode of The 7-Figure CEO Podcast, Casey speaks with Ray Edwards, communications strategist and copywriter to some of the most powerful voices in leadership. Ray’s client list include New York Times best-selling authors Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, and many more. He is a published author himself, with books such as Writing Riches,  and How To Write Copy That Sells. Over the course of his life, Ray Edwards has assisted in generating over $300 million in sales for his clients.

Today Ray talks about how to allow yourself to have the permission to prosper. He shares how to use your mind, will, and emotions to find the true meaning behind your business and more importantly, how you can connect that meaning to your customers. Listen in as one of the top communication strategists in the world, gives advice on how to market and grow your business with a clear conscious.

What You’ll Learn

  • Ray’s take on the five M’s of business.
  • Why focusing on your company message is more important than marketing.
  • How to prosper internally.
  • What areas of your life are under the influence of a lie.
  • How do you know your company is telling the right message?
  • What having a prosperous soul means for your business.
  • How to handle adversity within your business.





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