The Shocking Truth About Perry Marshall

On June 6, 2014

The Shocking Truth About Perry Marshall

I just left Perry Marshall’s house.

I went up to be part of his Four Man Intensive. This is his highest level of coaching for business owners.  The thing that shocked me most about Perry is how real and authentic he is.

In the shark infested waters of internet marketing there are plenty of slime balls. In the O.K. Corral of internet bad guys, Perry Marshall is Wyatt Earp.  I love this guy.  He is legit.

In an effort to share with you everything I’m learning, as I’m learning it, in real time….

Here are five things that I learned that could change any business for the better:

1. “The procrastination demons will tell you what’s going to work.”

Even Perry fights procrastination. Any time he feels those demons attacking, he says that he knows that’s the work he needs to focus on.

2. “The emotional justification leads and then we provide the rational justification.”

When helping prospects justify purchasing your product, help them first buy into the emotional reason and then support them as they have to rationalize it in their mind.

3. “My tendency is to run this business from my back pocket, but I just can’t.”

The owner should watch 3-4 big numbers and watch them consistently. Like a hawk. In your business, what numbers are you looking at every day. The numbers I care about are tied to three questions:

  • How much traffic have we attracted?
  • How many prospects have we added to our list?
  • How many sales have we converted?

4.”Marketing is figuring out who isn’t your customer first.”

Focus on disqualification more than qualification. Get rid of people that you don’t want as fast as possible. Pick a customer profile & only feed those people.

5. “You never have to make anything up because truth is stranger than fiction.”

In marketing, you should never use misleading tactics to “trick” someone into selling. It’s not sustainable and doesn’t work. Tell the story, the real story. Like this one from one of my clients: Click here to Meet Jason(you won’t believe this).

The lesson from above that stuck out to me the most was #1. In working with entrepreneurs, I hear two top phrases:

  • “I don’t have enough time.”
  • “Is it the right time?”

Basically, that means you don’t have the guts to make time to do the most important thing you can do for your dreams.

And that’s why I respect Jason so much…that while he was working a full-time job…he was able to create $30,000 in revenue within 8 weeks of launching a new endeavor.

Cheers to Jason and Perry and all of the good guys out there who are applying good, honest, real help to the rest of us.

Get Fired Up,


P.S. Don’t forget to catch this case study about Jason and his recent success. Amazing.

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