Right This Very Second

On August 16, 2012

Right This Very Second

There are two types of people.

  1. People that talk about doing stuff
  2. People that do stuff

Which one are you?

I can’t tell you how many convos I have with people that want to do stuff.  Here are some of the things I hear:

  • I want to travel more
  • I want to get out of debt
  • I want to learn how to play the guitar
  • I want funding for me deal
  • I want to start a company
  • I want to be emotionally stable
  • I want to own a rental home
  • I want to make more money
  • I want to be a generous person
  • I want to run a marathon
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to ________________ (Fill In The Blank)

Here is what I know…

You are currently doing what you “want” to do. 

If you say, “I’m tired of being broke”, but you aren’t reading online articles about wealth, you truly don’t want to be financially free.  If you say, “I want a new job”, but you aren’t asking people every week about openings & searching online for companies hiring, you truly don’t want another job. If you say, “I want to be a rock star”, but you aren’t currently playing shows anywhere, you don’t truly want to be a rock star.

Everyone is currently doing what they really want to do.

Here is a lesson I am learning.  It works well for me, but I have not perfected it at all.

Action Creates Traction 

Want to lose weight? Go walk, right now.

Want to make more money? Sell something on Craigslist, right now.

Want to start a business? Buy a book about that subject, right now.

Want more funding for your idea? Ask someone right now for money.  Yes, right now.  Pick up the phone and say, “Will you give me money for this project I’m doing?”

Action will create traction.  Action will take you further than wishing.  Change is possible RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!  Let’s change!  Start now! Go! Don’t wait! You will not regret the action you are about to take.  Start!

Want traction in your life? Take action in your life!

What action do you need to take right now?  Let me know & I’ll help any way that I can!

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    Posted by Todd Weiden on
    • Aug 16 2012
    Great one bro - love it!
    Posted by Mark Cundiff on
    • Aug 16 2012
    Casey, Great post! Very true that we are the result of the decisions we make and the actions we take on those decisions. Mark
    Posted by Kelly Master on
    • Aug 17 2012

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