How To Launch A Profitable Membership Site

On October 24, 2013

How To Launch A Profitable Membership Site

Do you wish your business had predictable income every month?

Are you tired of the ups and downs and not knowing exactly what’s going to happen with your revenue?

A few years ago I found myself with those same frustrations.  I was a consultant working time for money, but wanted to be able to grow our revenue beyond my personal capacity.

Through a near breakdown and being fed up with not being able to grow our business the way I wanted to, I went searching for answers.

I discovered it – we needed to create a membership site.

A membership site is simply where you take what you know and make it accessible to people online.  Then they pay you monthly for the helpful information or coaching.

We knew absolutely nothing about launching a membership site, but we were still able to go from zero dollars to six figures of predictable income in 90 days.

In the past couple years we’ve started multiple membership brands and have grown to over two million dollars in annual revenue.

Most membership sites never get off the ground or it’s a huge struggle. 

That’s why I’m hosting a webinar on Thursday, October 31 called:

How To Launch A Profitable Membership Site – 7 Lessons Learned From Launching Profitable Sites

You will learn:

  • How to create predictable income for any type of business
  • How to launch big & gain traction fast
  • How to figure out what should be in your membership site
  • How to do a lot more… 🙂

Even if you can’t make the exact time, we will send you the recording.  So go ahead & register below to learn these lessons for FREE.

Bonus Interview! 

Justin Wise

Justin Wise recently went through our coaching on how to launch.  He launched his membership site with a 25k day.  He was on the call and share his story of starting from scratch.





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