How To Invest Like A Millionaire

On July 24, 2018

How To Invest Like A Millionaire

Gravy is a proud sponsor of the 7-figure CEO Podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs break through the million-dollar barrier facing them in their business. This podcast moves past the ‘theory’ of business and focuses on practical strategies that you can implement right away.

At Gravy, we exist to help entrepreneurs and CEO’s solve the problem of failed payments and credit card declines in their business. We know this one problem alone costs small businesses billions of dollars nationwide each year, and we want to help. We are passionate about entrepreneurship, and we want to help as many businesses leaders as we possibly can build healthy, thriving businesses that will continue to serve people, solve challenging problems, and provide jobs for years and years to come.

Today’s Guest:

In this episode of The 7-Figure CEO Podcast, Casey speaks with Greg Crabtree. Greg is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and financial expert.  Crabtree has used his entrepreneurial skills to develop Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, PC, a CPA firm focused solely on the needs of entrepreneurs, helping them build the economic engine of their businesses. Working with entrepreneurs all over the country in a broad range of industries, Crabtree has simplified financial reporting and empowered all entrepreneurs to take ownership of their finances.  He has pioneered a revolutionary metric for driving business profitability: measuring labor efficiency and developing simple benchmarks for company, team and individual performance.


Today Greg talks about how to get your business over the seven figure mark by investing the right way. He shares his biggest tips on return on invested capital and shares his key performance indicators that lead him to success. Listen in as Greg Crabtree shares his insider tips on investing while empowering you to take financial ownership of your business.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to take your business beyond 7 figures.
  • Greg’s research on the number one KPI for your business.
  • How to become a portfolio entrepreneur.
  • Why thinking differently could be the key to success.
  • How to invest in a way that works for your business.  
  • How to simplify scouting methods.


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