How To Get Unstuck In Life & Business

On November 1, 2013

How To Get Unstuck In Life & Business

I have been wanting to help business owners for a long time.  Recently I made a decision that I would start helping them.  My assistant & I sat around for a few months scheming & planning what we were going to do.  I’ve drawn up about 25 sets of plans for how we were going to help businesses.  Every day I thought of a new way to help them.

After a few months of thinking & planning, I started feeling frustrated with our lack of progress.  I ended up getting really down about where we were & I felt:

  • Unclear
  • Unmotivated
  • Indecisive
  • Scared
  • Blah

Have you ever been there?  You had a great idea, but after you sit on it for a while it felt more like a burden than a passion.  I really started to get negative about the plans & felt like crap honestly.  Then one Monday I was sitting with my assistant & I was just mad.  I wasn’t mad at her or anyone else.  I was mad that we hadn’t made any progress.

I was so pissed that I looked at her & said, “Next week, we are starting.  We are going to do a webinar. If we have 13 people or hundreds, we’re doing it.  That’s the decision.  What must we do to get this done?”

As soon as I said it, I felt a huge relief.  I had been wallowing around in fear.  I wanted to help business owners, but I was scared to start because it might fail.

Here is what happened after I made this decision to just start.  In one week:

  • We took our email list from 250 to over 600
  • We had 595 businesses sign up to attend our first webinar ever
  • We sold 40 products
  • We have more leads for coaching (I coach a few small businesses at a time)
  • We feel affirmed, hopeful, & successful

BTW: Here is the link to the launch event I did.  It’s 58 minutes & on-demand now.  It will really help you. 

What a difference one week can make.  Here is what I learned about getting unstuck in business or any area of life.

1. Fear never goes away

I’ve started three other companies from scratch.  We have taken risks as a family & business before.  However, fear is still real in my life.  Starting from scratch is hard every time.

2. Delayed decisions destroy dreams 

The longer we were delaying the decision to start, the more our dream was being crushed.  You just have to pick a path & go.  The more you have to lose, the more you over think things.  Screw it, just do it.

3. Just pick a path

I don’t know if the path we picked will be the long term path for what we do, but it is a path.  I’ve found that I try to get everything figured out before we start versus just going hard after a goal.

4. Start now

I heard my friend Justin Wise tell hundreds of entrepreneurs yesterday, “Just start now.”  I really appreciated him saying that because that’s what I’m relearning.  Starting my 4th company in 6 years, you would think I would have known this, but I just am having to relearn launch.

So, what about you? What dream are you sitting on that the world needs?  What paycheck are you hanging onto that is keeping you from doing your own thing?  What fear is dominating you that you need to let go of?

Comment Question: What decision are you delaying that is holding you back?

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