How To Build Your Brand With A Silly Little Periscope App

On June 11, 2015

How To Build Your Brand With A Silly Little Periscope App

Periscope is an awesome app.  I’ve searched and there isn’t much written about How To Use Periscope effectively.  So I wanted to write a simple blog about what I do.  If you do not know about Periscope click here.

How To Periscope

How To Periscope Effectively

Simply, Periscope allows you to broadcast yourself or what you are seeing to your social networks in real time.  Everyone is their own news crew & there are many ways to use the app to build a brand, business, or following.

There are a few reasons why Periscope is so powerful for business building:

Distribution – Most companies have a product or service, but they don’t have great distribution channels to get to their followers & customers.  This app allows you to have instant distribution to people that can watch in real time.  This is so powerful because THEY choose to watch you when they want.  And if you add value or entertain them, you will build your business.

Authenticity – Last night, I did a 13-minute Periscope brainstorming session from my dining room.  I had 77 people chipping in to help me build an Employee Contribution Matrix.  I wasn’t teaching something I already knew, but creating a new model with the help of 77 people.

Connection – When you broadcast, the viewers can comment & you can answer questions or gain insights real time.  This is absolutely amazing & so powerful because likability & trust are still the top reasons people do business with you.  When you have personal interaction with people, you build a bond that no amount of marketing dollars can buy.

Here are a few quick tips if you want to be successful on Periscope:

1. Decide What Your Peri-Brand Will Be

The point of my periscope is to give access “Behind The Mind Of A CEO”.  My goal is to export everything I am learning & doing.  I want viewers to have an inside look at our business & my life.  So, this isn’t theory; it’s real time thinking & learning.  I want my followers to have a backstage pass & access.

A big key is to share openly about struggles and things that aren’t going well as much as talking about what’s going well.

2. Stick To Your Core Message 80% of Time

Unless you are already ultra famous, just broadcasting stupid videos of your life probably won’t get you anywhere in building your brand.  Stick with your brand 80% of the time and the other 20% you can veer away from it.  I have learned that when I include my family or friends, people seem to engage a lot.  It’s like reality TV shot from your phone.

3. Rotate Your Content Inside The Peri-Matrix

The Peri-Matrix is how I decide what I want to talk about.  Let me share my matrix:

  • How To: This is very straight forward when I share about how we/I do something.  Usually keep these to 3-5 minutes & have one point.
    • Example: Team Honesty – How We Do 90-Day Reviews To Give Honest Feedback 
  • Brainstorm: When I am working on something & need help, I ask periscope.  Usually around 10 minutes long & HEAVY engagement with comments & feedback.
    • Example: Productivity Model – Help Me Make This Better From My Dining Room Table 
  • Show & Tell: This is when I have something visual to show that will help the viewer.  I’ve found these to be super helpful & usually around 5 minutes.
    • Example: Core Values – How We Visually Display Ours & Drive Them Home Weekly 
  • Behind The Scenes: This is when something is happening like a video shoot & we show all the chaos.  These are usually 5-10 minutes.
    • Example: Video Shoot – Watch Me Shoot These Video Sales Offers 
  • Entertainment: When I want to show something fun I’m doing that creates smiles and laughs.  These are usually 2-4 minutes long.
    • Example: Singing Gangsta’s Paradise With Neighbor While Grilling Steaks 

This is how I bucket content for periscope & keep it mixed up.

4. Don’t Periscope Too Much or Too Little 

Consistency is the key in brand building.  I would recommend 3 to 5 Periscopes a day.  Some people do 30 and some do zero, but I think a good sustainable pace is 3 to 5.  Obviously you don’t want to be a slave to any technology, so this is just a rule of thumb.

5. Headlines Are EVERYTHING For Viewership

Compelling headlines will decide if people click to watch your broadcast or not.  I’ve found a simple formula I use.  I start with the topic usually.  An example could be: Periscope Headlines.  In one or two words, I like to let people know the point of that scope & then I do a sub-headline.  Sub-headline example: How To Create Irresistible Clickbait For Your Periscope Following.

So the full headline is: Periscope Headlines – How To Create Irresistible Clickbait For Your Periscope Following 

Work hard on your headlines & it will increase your viewership!

Now, I have one thing to ask you.  If you found this article helpful, will you follow me on Periscope?  I am Casey Graham on there… Let’s scope soon!

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    Posted by Deana on
    • Oct 13 2015
    Love this! Been a bit hesitant to Periscope because I've been thinking about what exactly I want to focus on - but I love your Peri-Matrix. I'll definitely be putting that into practice, thanks! Periscope: deanabspeaks

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