How One Calendar Change Made Us $33,000

On October 8, 2013

How One Calendar Change Made Us $33,000

I have struggled with knowing how to plan my week for a long time.  There are so many time management systems to choose from that I just don’t choose one.

However, over the last two months I’ve been more efficient, productive & had significantly less stress in my life.  I went to a half-day seminar that got my mind going in a different direction about how I view my time.  By living out what I’m going to tell you in this blog post, I have added massive value to my life & others.

The Problem: We view all days the same

When I looked at my calendar, I saw activity.  My calendar was about planning my time to get everything done I needed to get done, but in reality, I never got it all done.  I found myself being more stressed & less productive.  I felt like I was pushing as hard as ever, but the ball wasn’t moving down the field.  Then I ran across some coaching & teaching that changed everything.

My issue wasn’t bad TIME management, it was bad DAY management.  

Everyday was the same & frankly they were random in how they flowed.  I would go from a sales meeting to writing a blog to eat lunch with my daughter to calling a client to drawing a new idea on a napkin.  My mind would flow in & out of productivity mode.  Lot’s of activity & stress, but very little accomplishment.  Then I learned about the solution…

The Solution: Label your days

I started labeling my days & I saw immediate results! Here is exactly what I mean by labeling my days.

Each day has a name

There are 3 types of days.  (I learned this from Strategic Coach in case you are wondering, but I’ve changed the wording up to work for me.)

1. Free Day

This is the day that I choose to do absolutely no work.  I only do life-giving activities that I choose to do.  The free day is a complete 24 hours that starts at midnight & ends the next midnight.  I plan what I will do in advance on my free days.

This past weekend my free days included:

  • A date with my 6 year old daughter to Waffle House (the best breakfast spot in the USA!) 
  • A trip with my family to an apple orchard
  • Watching about 6 hours of college football
  • Spending time with my friends at dinner

A free day is a fun day.  A free day is the day you look forward to.  A free day is why you got into business in the first place.  A free day is what keeps the important things important.  A free day leaves you refreshed & rejuvenated.

I do absolutely NO work.  NO email. NO texting about work. NOTHING work related.  Entrepreneurs, I know you want this type of freedom… It’s your choice.

I will take 2-3 FREE DAYs per week on average.

2. Profit Days

These days are 24 hours long & I work exclusively on PROFIT-producing activities!

This is all about how to add value to the organization & others.  I focus on my strengths these days & spend every hour I have doing what I do best.  I don’t deviate. I don’t mix.  If a meeting comes up that I need to go to, I say no.  If people call my phone, I don’t answer (unless it’s my wife or assistant).  The way I got started was to determine my top 3 money-making activities.  After I discovered those, I made a commitment to live inside those strengths for entire days, not hours!

The first profit day I ever did, I made $18,000 for a new venture.  I can’t believe what focus has done for me and the company.  It’s crazy!  I love profit days & I leave a them feeling productive & energized.  Two weeks of sold out profit days have put $33,000 in the bank.

I will average 2-3 profit days a week.

3. Prep Days

The point of the prep day is to prepare for my profit days & free days.

I spend time planning my FREE TIME!  What?  Yes… No more last minute planning because I’m too busy at work.  I spent half a prep day planning an anniversary trip & didn’t feel bad about it.  Prep days are the random catch up days to get to emails & be on social media, etc.  The prep days also prepare me for the profit days.  I set up meetings, get contracts in place, & facilitate all the details to prepare for my biggest days.

Prep days make the Free Day & Profit Days happen.

Do you mix your days?  Do you work on time management, but never get anywhere?  Do you want to grow to maximum levels of productivity & profit in 2014?

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