How I Accomplish My Top 3 Goals Every Week

On October 22, 2013

How I Accomplish My Top 3 Goals Every Week

As an entrepreneur, we can live in a results economy or an activity economy.

Activity feels good, but doesn’t produce much.  Results drive your business & life forward.  

I have to constantly remind my team that sharing a list of activities with me doesn’t impress me, results do.  Did you get it done or not?  It’s pretty simple.  However, we get sucked into activities that might be good, but they aren’t crucial.  The larger the organization grows, the more pointless activity tends to happen.

In my attempt to live based on results & not activity, I’ve started living off a results-based time system.  My assistant asks me this question every Monday morning,

“If nothing else happens this week, what three results must get accomplished?”

Here is how we do this:

1. Clearly define your 90-day projects

I write down what I want my life to look like in 90 days.  I write down personal & professional goals.  If you just write down all work stuff, you will be a slave to work.  I refuse to do that.  Here are a few current 90-day projects for me:

  • Sell $250,000 in a new product launch for The Rocket Company 
  • Plan family vacation calendar in detail for 2014
  • Build Business Rocket email list to 2,000

Notice every project is clear with a dollar amount or date.  The clearer you make it, the better you will do accomplishing it.

2. Clearly define your Three Crucial Results for this week

The reason I define the 90-day priorities is because they give me guardrails for my weekly activities.  Without the 90-day plan, I would drift off focus & not accomplish much.  Every Monday, I sit in the same seat at Starbucks & write down three crucial results for the week.  A few examples:

  • Sell 50 charter memberships to new program
  • Fully plan anniversary trip for 2014 (flights, rooms, & all travel)
  • Launch Facebook ad campaign & collect 100 new email addresses for Business Rocket

I know when I go home on Friday if I have won or not.  This is the weekly scoreboard.  Sometimes I don’t win, but most of the time I do.  The goal isn’t perfection, but go through the process.

3. Stay in my sweet spot 

Entrepreneurs, let me make this simple for you.  You don’t need five personality tests to know your sweet spot.  Just answer two questions:

  • What activities do I do that makes the company most money? 
  • Do these activities give me energy or deplete it?

Quit doing stupid stuff that you hate doing.  Do what you love & what makes money.  Isn’t that why you started your own company anyway?

This has transformed our results recently.  Here are the facts of our results:

  • New venture has collected $63,000 in new revenue 
  • Helped another entrepreneur grow his company & became a minority partner (this company will be huge next year)
  • Started a transition to have a complete self managing company

I really don’t say that to brag; I say that to offer you some help.  If you want coaching to produce crazy results for your company, fill the form out below.  Here is how the coaching works:

  • 120 day results makeover
  • Bi-weekly calls for 4 months
  • Calls are for one hour
  • Focus of the calls is to multiply your results over the next 120 days
  • I specialize in helping entrepreneurs grow their revenue without spending more time doing it

Criteria: Business must make more than $100,000 annually


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