Why Focus Makes All The Difference

On February 19, 2018

Why Focus Makes All The Difference

Daniel took his business to the 7-figure mark in just 13 months. During the first 6-months of business Daniel’s revenue was $0. But in the 7 months that followed Daniels business brought in $1.1 million of profit. Since then Daniel company has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Daniel purchased his first business at age 16 and his first rental property at age 18. Since then, Daniel has consulted for real estate brokerages, grocery chains, stock advisers, and investment newsletters. Focusing mainly on inflation related investments and strategies, Daniel has become a top resource expert for over 200,000 people who subscribe to his FutureMoneyTrends.com Newsletter where he analyzes stocks, investment trends, and produces some of the most watched investment videos on the Internet.

Business Finance

  • The economy is always changing so always be anticipating and adapting to this change.
  • Do not be bullish in the stock market, but do choose to invest in the latest trends.
  • Keep six months to a year’s worth of cash expenses at hand always.
  • You never want to be making decisions because you don’t have the money.

Personal Finance

  • Compound your savings with cash value whole life insurance policies.
    • It’s tier one capital.
    • Your wealth is compounding at about a 5 percent rate.
    • It has nothing to do with life insurance.
  • Make a commitment to save.

Managing Employees

  • Hire people you trust and people you know.
  • Find people who like to do what they do.
  • Employees work best when they can do what they want to do.
  • Allow employees to start business and companies.
  • Share in their success and their failures.
  • Employees will perform better when you allow them to do what they want to do.
  • Recognize your weaknesses and surround yourself with employees who counteract them.
  • Employees know their role so, let them perform where they work best.

Business Management

  • Don’t make money for the materialism sake.
  • View your advertisers as partners not advertisers.
  • Defend your subscribers by being particular about your advertisers.
  • Their success is directly tied to your success.
  • If you’re building a business it is more about the build then the financial investment.
  • Deliver same-day response to your customers to show them that they matter to you.
  • Focus on one medium not five.
  • Always seek unconventional ideas that will be beneficial for your customers.
  • Target people who have never advertised because they have the untapped audience you want.
  • Over promise and deliver beyond that promise.
  • Don’t be lazy, be relentless in delivering the best.




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