7CEO 057: Take Control Of Your Business With Kim Walsh-Phillips

On May 8, 2017

7CEO 057: Take Control Of Your Business With Kim Walsh-Phillips

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Kim has two companies that are all about creating ROI for her clients through lead generation. She hates awareness campaigns because for too long she thought you marketed just for awareness, but learned it is all about ROI. You can market through results and not just pay to get your name out there. She founded and runs two companies:

  • Lead Digital Group – generates revenue for companies using social media
  • Elite Capital Advisors – generates seminar attendees for financial advisors

She spent 10 years struggling going day to day hoping she could pay the bills and made a change when a friend gave her No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy. She started applying direct response marketing ideas with social media and started seeing great results. Over time she was able to present what she had done to Dan, which led to them writing a book together, No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing (his #1 selling book of all time). After 10 years in business and many iterations, they reached the 7-figure mark.


Elite Digital Group: Connect with Kim & her team

No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy & Kim Walsh-Phillips

No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing by Dan Kennedy & Kim Walsh-Phillips

BuzzSumo: Find the most shared content & key influencers

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Kim realized she had to take charge of her life and business. After 10 years in business, she did a few things that helped her & recommends them to other business leaders:

  • Shut Up Your Head Trash – stop telling yourself the story that you can’t do it or what people will think when you do do it. We all have things we tell ourselves and mindsets that we must overcome to breakthrough
  • Invest In Education – you have to spend money and time to help you find a different path, new skills and challenge the way you’ve always done things
  • Position Yourself As The Expert – you have to provide valuable content from your voice and experience every week to your audience
  • Take Control Of Your Prospect Meetings – instead of chasing your leads around, you have to take charge and “prospective client interview”
  • Say “No” To The Wrong Clients – if there are clients you don’t want to work with, you have to get rid of them – they’re not worth the income & you need more leads so you can replace them
  • Raise Your Prices – price is not an arbitrary number, it should be equal to the value you’re providing


The prices of your products and/or services should be based on the value that you’re bringing. You need to be able to prove the value you’re providing for the end user to validate their cost. If your prices are too low, the perceived value is low as well and they’re more likely to get rid of you or not buy from you again. But, if your prices are higher, they perceived value is higher as well.


You have to step and platform yourself as the expert in your niche. You can do this by sharing valuable content to your audience. To learn what people are interested in, use BuzzSumo. That shows you what people are sharing on social media and you can give them exactly what they’re looking for. You can create a monthly content calendar using that information. Do not spend time highlighting other people – you become the expert in your field.


Always make your candidates jump through hoops. That will prove that they are willing to go above and beyond. You need to have a quick Round One in your interview process so you’re not wasting a bunch of time. Two tools to use are:

  • Indeed – you can post your job listings and get more applicant leads
  • Acuity Scheduling – that’s an online scheduler that helps setup interview calls

Kim also gives each new hire 90 days for intense on-boarding. She understands they need time to understand your company and services before they’re able to represent them well. And they need time to understand the expectations you have of them.


Kim’s team has a very specific system on how they interact on a daily basis. They have a daily meeting that includes the following:

  • Word Of The Day – Each person shares one word that describes how they’re feeling
  • Daily Theme – Each day they focus on a different area (Motivation Monday, etc.)
  • Basecamp Review – Each person shares their Basecamp projects for accountability
  • Numbers Review – Each person shares where they stand with their Key Performance Indicators
  • Agenda Items – Someone can add an item to the agenda ahead of time they need to talk about with the team


A lot of people will give you advice, but you need to filter through what they’re telling you. Listen to the people who you would be willing to trade places with. If you don’t like or agree with what their advice has done for them, you probably shouldn’t listen to them.

Email your top take-aways and learnings to Casey@CaseyGraham.com

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