7CEO 056: Beginning With The End In Mind With Oliver Billson

On May 1, 2017

7CEO 056: Beginning With The End In Mind With Oliver Billson

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Today we’re joined by Oliver Billson – a brilliant leader who shares about starting & running multiple 7+ figure businesses. Oli started his entrepreneur journey at 15 years old building & selling custom computers to friends and eventually exporting them outside the United Kingdom. His next business came out of his passion for cars and he eventually dedicated time to learn marketing so he could take control of growing his businesses. That led to teaching people how to market & grow their business using the systems they created to scale their company. He currently spends his time building their full-service marketing agency in the UK that serves businesses worldwide. They broke the 7-figure mark (via monthly run rate) within four months of starting.


OliverBillson.com: Check out the Blog & schedule a call

Scaling Up & Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish

Traction & Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman

Beyond Entrepreneurship by Jim Collins

The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy

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One of the most important tasks you need to own in your organization is to strategically align your team with the bigger picture of where you’re going. That means you need a vision or north star for where you’re heading and a mission your team can get behind. Your team will have great success when you’re all clear on where you’re going and what you’re working to accomplish. When you have this, you’re able to create a meeting rhythm to practically stay the course & remain aligned, reducing ambiguity.


If you’re not working to grow your leadership skills as quickly as your business, there will be a problem. The skills that got you to 6-figures are not the same skills you need to get you to 7-figures in your business. You have to develop new skills that will help you lead with control without being controlling. The links section recommends several books that will help you develop the skills needed to lead your business to the next level.


Knowing the end goal for your business is important, but it’s also key when you think about how you want new leads to interact with you. Before you create a new marketing campaign, it’s important to start with what you ultimately want them to do – book a sales call, sign a contract, visit your business, etc. Once you know that, you can then decide what it is you need from them when they first make contact with you.

One of the most successful ways Oliver’s team makes this happen for them & their clients is using Facebook Lead Ads. Most people are using Facebook daily and you can get your message in front of them easily and cheaply, gather their information, drive them to relevant content & get them to take the next step with your business.


  • FINISH: What’s the end? What do you want people to do?
  • START: Where do people start? How are you first interacting with them?
  • MILESTONES: What milestones do they go through to get to the end?
  • CONTINGENCY: How do we get people back to the milestones so we can keep them moving forward?


Implementation is the bridge that takes you from feeling stuck in your business to getting the results you want. You must be able to implement what you’re learning to break through to the next level.

Email your top take-aways and learnings to Casey@CaseyGraham.com

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