7CEO 055: Self-Sabotaging Your Business With David Bayer

On April 21, 2017

7CEO 055: Self-Sabotaging Your Business With David Bayer

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After David Bayer graduated from college, he created an online business to sell posted for college dorm rooms. That led to him doing internet marketing for Ducati Bikes as they launched, as well as starting a company that built out a network of financial service sites using SEO. He went through a very difficult time with substance abuse and depression that led him down the path of studying the patterns of the human mind and behavior. So in the past two years, he’s worked to create David Bayer Business as a coaching and training company which works with entrepreneurs to develop an invincible mindset and teach them the tactics and strategies to be successful in business. The belief is that success in business is based on your mindset, so when you get a healthy mindset, you are able to better set yourself up for success. They quickly grew past the 7-figure mark and are one of the fastest growing companies in the personal development space.


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The core of your operating system is your brain and your beliefs determine what your life will create because your brain simply wants to achieve what it believes is right and true. Your perception of the world and your decisions are changed based on your core beliefs. So it’s important to align what you believe with the vision of the future you want to create.


You can literally miss opportunities because of the beliefs you have and the decisions you’ve made about certain things. For instance, if when you were young you heard your parents argue about money, you likely decided that money causes problems. As you go through life, your core belief that money causes problems manifests itself when you’re faced with any situations related to money, likely causing you to miss opportunities. It becomes automatic thinking until you decide to reprogram your brain and beliefs.


The first two steps to reprogram your brain and core beliefs are:

  • Understand you have automatic thinking happening in your life and become aware of what that thinking is
  • Create new thoughts and believes that align with the future you want

Instead of asking, “Why am I stuck in my business?” ask questions like, “How am I not stuck? What am I doing that is working for me? How am I perfectly as far along as I should be right now?”


Based on psychological studies, our brains do not understand the difference between reality and imagination. Thinking about “How” to achieve your preferred future stops you from achieving it. If you think you need to know the how to create something, you won’t be able to imagine it. You won’t imagine something that you don’t have the answer to how for it if you believe the how is required. Therefore you must not focus on the “how” and begin to imagine. When you imagine, your brain physically changes which inspires new thoughts and ideas that become the “how”. If you can realize you don’t need to know the how and make decisions about how your life will be, you will be able to imagine it and create mental pictures of it, which allow you to move forward rapidly.


There are only two states of being and you can only be in one or the other:

  • Beautiful State – joy, calm, peace, excitement
  • Suffering State – boredom, anxiety, overwhelm, jealousy

Suffering is only caused by your own thinking. Suffering is separate from the experience and you have the ability to change your thinking that will put you in a beautiful state instead. So you have to proactively change your mind and thinking.

Email your top take-aways and learnings to Casey@CaseyGraham.com

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