7CEO 050: Prioritizing Your Day With Bryan Miles

On March 10, 2017

7CEO 050: Prioritizing Your Day With Bryan Miles

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Bryan Miles is the Co-Founder and CEO of Belay Solutions (formerly Miles Advisory Group with brands eaHelp, MAG Bookkeeping). He and his wife, Shannon, started Belay a few years ago as a virtual services organization to serve leaders around the country. They live in Georgia with their 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. Bryan joins us for a second interview to take a look at the more personal side of being an entrepreneur and CEO. Check out his first episode here, as well as his wife Shannon’s here.


Bryan’s first episode on The 7-Figure CEO Podcast: Episode 2

Bryan and Shannon’s Virtual Services Organization: Belay Solutions

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As many business owners have, Bryan has dealt with anxiety due to the stress of running a business (i.e., payroll, growth, decisions, etc.). A few years ago he made a decision to change his approach to leading his business and prioritize his personal life and health.

As owners, we have to acknowledge we have limits as humans. We have to be willing to say “No” and pass up opportunities that may seem good, but don’t fit what we ultimately value and want to accomplish. We must also realize there will be times things aren’t going to go as planned and we must make decisions how we will handle them so they don’t crush us.


One of the best decisions Bryan made is to empower people to lead and run the business, so he and Shannon don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day operations. They have brought in and raised up leaders that run operations while they are able to work in their strengths.

One of the best ways they’ve done this is taught their team how to be better problem solvers than themselves. They’ve helped their team learn that a problem doesn’t get presented to them unless they have a few solutions to present as well. This is a great way to get out of the operations of your company.


Bryan also shares how he and his team prioritize their day, which can transform how you schedule your day and actually accomplish the important things in your business.

Each day, write down three tasks in each of the following categories:
MUST – you must do these tasks today
SHOULD – you should do these tasks today
COULD – you could do these tasks today

You complete the “MUST” tasks before you begin working on the “SHOULD” tasks and the “SHOULD” tasks before you begin working on the “COULD” tasks.

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