7CEO 049: Your Perfect Day With Andy Levine

On February 3, 2017

7CEO 049: Your Perfect Day With Andy Levine

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Andy Levine started his company, Sixthman, 15 years ago which takes fans and bands on vacation together on cruise ships. He sold it in 2012 and continued to run it until 2016 when he stepped into the role of Chairman. He was a previous guest of the podcast on episode 28.

Today we’re taking a different approach to the podcast and talking about some more personal stuff that leaders of an organization deal with. Andy shares about how he has developed a rhythm for his days that is best for him, his family and his leadership.


Andy’s first episode on The 7-Figure CEO Podcast: Episode 28

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Andy journaled for a year and logged what he did with his time and what was going on with his family. He started on the journey to help build the optimal day for him and his family. He used his phone to write about 300 words a day to describe what happened during the day, how he spent his time and how the day went. Through this he developed an ideal rhythm for him.



– Exercise – Crossfit, Yoga, swimming or running
– Learning – Listening to a podcast or reading
– Music – Playing guitar or piano
– Mindfulness – Identify five things, touch four things, pick out three unique sounds, two unique smells and one unique taste (which helps with anxiety)
– Nutrition – Make a good food choice first thing in the morning

To Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: You CAN take time for you! You don’t have to buy into the idea that you have to work so hard that you neglect yourself and those you love! If you’re leading people, you’re going to do a better job if you show up feeling confident about yourself and ready to connect with and lead people! You don’t have to always be the first person in the office!

Anxiety is a big issue that entrepreneurs go through and maybe it’s a result of a noisier, busy world that our bodies aren’t able to process everything that’s coming in. Physical exercise is one of the best therapies for anxiety.


Each of us have gifts that should be used to help others. As the leader of an organization, you should plan to spend the first hours of your day serving others – helping them achieve their weekly wins. You can also invest in your customers to serve them! If you’re investing in yourself first then you will have the energy and bandwidth to serve others for a few hours.

It’s also very important to expand your network and go out and meet with people. Through getting out of your everyday, office routine to meet with others and go to conferences, you help others, hear of opportunities, and innovate new ideas for your business and life.


This is meeting your family or loved ones in a shared orbit of interest. Ask your loved ones what they enjoy doing just with you? By asking them you take the guess work out of how to best love your family and friends. By showing initiative, you communicate they are important.

There are three big relationships we have that should be prioritized. Create a daily rhythm to take care of these relationships and that works well for you!

1. Ourselves
 – This is probably the hardest relationship because we know everything about us.
2. Others – customers, employees, peers
3. Significant relationships – those you love and friends


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