7CEO 044: Time Management That Actually Works With Casey Graham

On September 9, 2016

7CEO 044: Time Management That Actually Works With Casey Graham

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Traditional time management is often one of the biggest barriers to growth and fulfillment as a business owner. Casey recently hosted a free training call for business owners, presidents and CEOs to talk about why traditional time management doesn’t work and what to do about it. When starting a business, it requires a different kind of focus and energy than when your business is established and ready to scale. Many business leaders get stuck and don’t know how to transition so their company can scale.



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The Problem With Time Management

Time management keeps people busy, focusing on activities and filling up the schedule. It often leaves you feeling stressed out and out of control. Every day looks the same with a hodge podge of events that have you feeling scattered. It doesn’t have to be this way!

To transition to a system that works for you, you must make the decision to do less, more productive work. That requires a commitment to only doing what you can do as the leader. This shift can be difficult and takes discipline, but if you commit you will see you can go from accomplishing more and more to accomplishing the most important things.

It’s About Results Management Not Time Management

So, instead of focusing on filling up your calendar with random activity, you need to outline the most important results you want to accomplish each week and then plan your time and calendar. This allows you to take control of your calendar and what you spend time doing versus it controlling you. Your days will be focused on the most important things, instead of the urgent fires you have to put out for your business and team.

Work In 30-Day Sprints

The process of managing results begins by outlining what you want to accomplish for the next 30 days. Every month, take an hour and write out what you want to accomplish in your life and business. Set 1-2 goals for each of these six areas:

  1. Business
  2. Financial
  3. Family
  4. Fitness
  5. Friends
  6. Personal

WARNING: It’s easy to set too many goals – as leaders we have a big vision for our lives and business. Start by writing out all the things you want to accomplish. Then come back through with a realistic perspective and narrow them down to 1-2 per area.

Think In Days Not Hours

In this new way to manage your time and results, you have to think in days, not hours. If you categorize your days in three categories, you can bucket your activities to achieve the 30-day sprint goals you’ve outlined. The three days are:

  1. Money Days – focus on money-making activities that help you grow the business. It could be sales calls, product development, strategic planning, etc. You should focus 80% of your day on these activities.
  2. Planning Days – accomplish the things needed to make your Money & Off Days successful. These days will include team meetings, team delegation and development, learning new skills and cleaning up messes.
  3. Off Days – you need time to disconnect and recharge as the leader. An Off Day is a 24-hour period where you have no business-related activities – no thinking or talking about business or with your team.

You need to shoot for at least one Off Day a week. Depending on your goals for the month, you will be able to determine if the other days are Money-Making or Planning Days.


Set Three Weekly Wins

As you begin the week, you should look at your 30-day goals and determine three wins – these are the three things you will get done if nothing else gets done this week. Setting these three wins will help you stay focused and make sure you accomplish the most important things in your life and business.

Tips To Make The Transition To Results Management

One of the most important things you can do is to hire an assistant, if you don’t have one already. If you’re not sure where to find one, we recommend our friends at Belay. If you do have an assistant, then they need to listen to this training and help you make the transition.

If you treat every week like a new week, then you will be able to start over even if you fail. It’s not about perfection, but about progress. If there’s something you don’t accomplish one week, don’t give up and throw the towel in on this system. Learn from the week and move forward into the next.

The best way to do this is to work ahead and make sure you plan the next week on Fridays. This allows you to review the current week and get your mind in the right place for the next week.


Feeling Stuck In Your Business?

I’m currently offering free 30-minute Breakthrough Calls to help business owners, presidents and CEOs with their current business challenge. If you have over $400K in annual revenue and would like help, schedule your free Breakthrough Call today.

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