7CEO 042: How To Delegate Work And Ensure It’s Done Right

On August 19, 2016

7CEO 042: How To Delegate Work And Ensure It’s Done Right

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Delegation is a big issue among entrepreneurs and hinders the ability to scale their leadership and business. Today I’m sharing a web training from a few weeks ago on how to delegate and ensure the work is done right.


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What To Delegate, When

Any repetitive tasks that you’re doing should be delegated. Most of the time there is someone else that can do these tasks just as effectively. Projects with a start and end date are great items to delegate as well.

One of the best ways to figure out these activities is to do an inventory of all the activities you spend your time doing and categorizing them into four categories:

  • $10/Hour: answering the phone, running errands, etc.
  • $100/Hour: customer follow up, writing an email, etc.
  • $1,000/Hour: planning your day, writing sales copy, etc.
  • $10,000/Hour: creating new and better offers, selecting team members, etc.

As the leader of your organization, you should delegate all $10/Hour and $100/Hour activities. Most of the $1,000/Hour activities can be delegated as well so you can spend most of your time at the bottom of the activity funnel.

The Happiest & Healthiest People…

…Are those whose expectations meet reality. That’s a quote that’s stuck with me for years! One of the best things you can do is to clearly define reality so you can communicate your expectations to your team. That will reduce frustration for you and your team significantly.

Step One: Fill Out The Delegation Matrix Worksheet

The Delegation Matrix is a simple tool to create a written, agreed upon delegation of a task or project. You can complete the matrix before meeting with team member(s) who will be responsible or you can fill it out together.

There are five parts of this tool and I’ve walked through each one for a family vacation planning project I did with my assistant recently.

  1. Cast The Project Vision: Define who’s responsible, what you want accomplished and what the result looks like
  2. Determine The Evidences Of Success: These are the details of the project that you must get out of your head so people know what you expect
  3. Clarify Success Details: Inside each evidence of success are other details and preferences you may need to outline.
  4. Determine Action Steps: These are the steps that must be taken to get the project or task started.
  5. Come To An Agreement: Once you walk through the Delegation Matrix, take time to have a conversation about the details and timeline, make any adjustments and then sign to indicate you’re in agreement.

Step Two: Meet To Talk Through Delegation

You will take time to walk through the Delegation Matrix you filled out with the person you are delegating to. It allows you make sure the details and results are clear, as well as time to negotiate the timeline and expectations.

As an entrepreneur oftentimes we don’t fully understand the work load of the people on your team. The period of negotiation allows them to talk through how it affects the other responsibilities they have in the business. This conversation in total will take about 20 minutes and has the potential to save you a lot of stress and tension in the working relationship.

Step Three: Manage The Delegation

On a weekly basis, you should have check-ins to have a conversation on how the project or task is going. It’s also a chance for the person to communicate any road blocks they’re facing they need help with.

My assistant and I have a weekly meeting system that allows me to delegate so many tasks – we walk through the meeting system, plus how we work together in Assistant Rocket.



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