7CEO 041: From Bankruptcy To 7 Figures In 9 Months With Leah McHenry

On August 5, 2016

7CEO 041: From Bankruptcy To 7 Figures In 9 Months With Leah McHenry

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Leah McHenry is our first success story from podcast listeners to break through the 7-figure mark. Leah and her husband and business partner, Steve, started listening in the fall of 2015 as they launched an information business for musicians. They were broke, living paycheck to paycheck less than 12 months ago, and now they’re making over 7 figures.

Even though they were in a desperate financial place, Leah decided to invest money into learning information marketing to grow her online music fan base and to start selling an online course to other musicians teaching them what she’d learned. Over just a few months, they moved beyond just financial stability to record sales months and business success. They just passed over $200,000 in sales in one month.

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Connect with Leah: Savvy Musician Academy or Leah’s Tribe or Facebook

Family Wealth by James E. Hughes: Amazon

Email Casey: Casey@CaseyGraham.com

Apply for personal coaching with Casey: CaseyGraham.com/Breakthrough



You Value What You Invest In

No matter where you are in your business, investing in learning and your personal development is key to breaking through. At every level of business there are barriers and obstacles that you must overcome or skills you need to acquire. Investing in coaching is one of the keys to moving forward.  If you’re interested in a coaching relationship with Casey Graham, click here to learn more about attending a Breakthrough Day like what Leah and Steve did earlier this year.

Leah, Steve and their five children have created an environment of learning in their home. They are constantly reading books, listening to podcasts, purchasing courses and paying coaches. As humans, we value what we invest in. They weren’t able to invest a lot always, but the key is they invested what they could.

Marketing Is Measurable

Measuring and monitoring your marketing numbers will help you make informed decisions, specifically how much to spend on marketing. You need to be able to identify how much it costs for you to acquire a customer and then a predictable process to continue acquiring new customers to grow. Leah’s team uses Facebook primarily to get their leads which allows you to target your audience and track your numbers.

Know Your Target Audience

You need to create the avatar of your audience to be able to market to them directly and specifically. There is so much power in addressing the exact pain points your product/service can resolve with them in your marketing campaigns.

One question you can ask to find out their pain is, “What are your top two questions related to XYZ?”, with XYZ being your niche/product/service. The answers will help you develop your marketing language so prospects relate and are drawn in to your offer to help.

Another thing to note is that your customers think they know what their problem is, but in reality it’s another thing.  When you call out the true problem or issue they’re facing, you elevate yourself as the “expert” and you have more credibility with your audience.


Leah and Steve created a very specific hiring process they take every candidate through. It helps them identify the prospect’s strengths and personality type to determine if they’re a good fit for the role. Having multiple steps in your hiring process helps you identify those who are truly interested and qualified. If someone isn’t willing to go through all the necessary steps, then they aren’t a good fit and you need to move on.

One step to include is an “audition” – a project the prospect must complete before moving on in the process. The project is related to the role your hiring for and allows you to observe how well they follow directions and if they’re willing to do the work required.

Action Creates Traction

One of the most important things you can do to break through, is to implement something and take action. If you feel stuck, you can’t delay and worry about taking the right action – just take action and get moving. Even the wrong action will help create the momentum you need to break through.


Can Your Business Run Without You?

I offer personalized coaching to help entrepreneurs create the business they dreamed of when they started. It’s 1.5 days to tackle your current challenges and help you break through to the next level. Apply today and our team will follow up for a consulting call if it’s a good fit.

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