7CEO 040: Master Your Hiring Process With Brad Weimert

On July 29, 2016

7CEO 040: Master Your Hiring Process With Brad Weimert

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Brad Weimert started Easy Pay Direct in 2009 – an online credit card processing company for high-level e-commerce businesses. Specifically they began to help “high risk” businesses susceptible to consumer disputes have stable merchant services. He started the company after his personal experience with other processing companies and wanted to solve the need in this niche.

The company broke the 7-figure mark within three years despite not acquiring large amounts of funding necessary to scale quicker.

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Easy Pay Direct: www.easypaydirect.com/

ARXFit: arxfit.com/

Spark Hire (video interviewing platform): www.sparkhire.com

Email Casey: Casey@CaseyGraham.com

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Details Make Your Marketing Stand Out

Take note of the details in your marketing to ensure your product stands out and gets noticed. Changing and enhancing your message will help you reach your audience and increase your market share. If marketing is not your strength as the entrepreneur, it’s critical that you outsource or hire someone to help you.

Hiring In A Tech Start-Up

Without a lot of capital, Brad outsourced contractors to get the job done. As they got closer to the 7-figure mark, he was able to be strategic about the hires he made and building a team that would help them scale faster.

Fast, well-done, & cheap production cannot happen at the same time – you can never have all three when you’re outsourcing or hiring a team. You will need to make an investment in your team to get the quality you want.

Coaches And Mentors Matter

One of the most influential people in his life and business has been Tony Robbins. Robbins says, “Proximity is power”. You must be willing to invest heavily in your personal development to surround yourself with the people who will help your leadership and influence expand.

If you are financially constrained, your brain works differently and your conversations are different than if you’re financially free and successful. But, if you can deliberately create an environment where you are around financially successful people, the way you think about life and finances and business will change.

Make choices to be around people who are intentional and deliberate about living successful lives – people who are where you want to be. Who are you around? Who are you paying to be around? How are they affecting your outlook on life and business?

Master Your Hiring Process

Brad’s key process to success at Easy Pay Direct has been their hiring process. He outlined their system to build a great team:

One of the best ways to find the right people is to use good copywriting for your ads and job postings. It’s worth hiring someone to write great copy to qualify AND disqualify potential candidates. You should provide a colorful description of your company, the job and who you AREN’T looking for. Be sure to include a call to action that will help you eliminate people and narrow down the field.

Next you can conduct a video interview using Spark Hire asking them specific questions to help you determine if they fit your company culture and the role. This can be automated and doesn’t require any time of you or your team.

A personality test helps you to match with the job role and responsibilities.

A technical assessment ensures they’re tech-savvy and can keep up with your team.

A Skype interview will be the first interaction with you and will give you an idea of culture fit. By this point, you have narrowed the field to well-qualified candidates without wasting any of your time in the process.

Last is an in-person, group interview – this is a series of collaborative tasks to see how well they interact with the existing staff. Your team can provide feedback to help you make your hiring decisions.

A Healthy Culture Leads To Happy Customers

The better you serve your team, the better they are going to serve your customers. It’s a win-win situation and you are able to create good relationships along the way, which is the most important type of success.

Life Is About The Depth & Quality Of Your Relationships

In every interaction, focus on the person and the relationship instead of the outcome you hope to get from them. Connect with people on a relational level instead of just achieving a transaction. Out of those relationships you will get the results you hope for and many times even better than you hope for.

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