7CEO 028: Creating A 7-Figure Culture In Your Business With Andy Levine

On May 6, 2016

7CEO 028: Creating A 7-Figure Culture In Your Business With Andy Levine

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We are honored to host Andy Levine on the show today. Andy is currently the Chief Experience Officer at Sixthman, a company he founded 15 years ago. Sixthman started as a music management company, but the company’s trajectory shifted when they found a new way to create moments between the artists and their fans. The company took band Sister Hazel and 400 of their fans on their inaugural cruise in 2001. Since then, they have expanded their roster of bands to 850 artists like John Mayer, KISS, Kid Rock, and Train. Sixthman is in the process of chartering their 100th ship.


Inside Track: https://www.sixthman.net/

Email Andy: levine@sixthman.net


How To Land the Mentor Of Your Dreams Checklist




Your customer and your staff should be your first priority. When you devote yourself to super serving your staff, they will super serve your customers and while you may not see the return on the balance sheet initially, it will pay off in the long run.



During Sixthman’s growth stage, Andy found that his staff didn’t care much about financial metrics – the cared about quality and making sure the experience they were providing was special. So Andy got 5 leaders in a room and came up with these non-financial metrics to measure success in this area:

  1. Track MOMENTS. The staff at Sixthman focuses on tracking the moments they observe that make the experience special for their guests.
  1. Number of days on vacation. Sixthman has an internal goal of hosting people on one million days of vacation.



After deciding on the non-financial metrics that determined success for the company, they created a customer experience system that is measured by these 7 checkpoints. Use this system to make sure that each of your customers feels:

  1. Invited: Find creative ways to make people feel invited, to say “this party is gonna is suck if you’re not there.”
  2. Informed: Pay close attention to detail, making sure there are no questions left unanswered so that your customers feel incredibly comfortable.
  3. Excited: 8 weeks before each cruise, Sixthman sends little gifts to their guests to get them pumped. Find small ways to keep your customers excited about your product.
  4. Welcomed: Sixthman high fives every guest as they come onto the ship. Find ways to make your onboarding process special.
  5. Looked After: Keep an eye out for people who are lost, confused, or frustrated so you can help them right away.
  6. Amazed: The Sixthman staff works hard to make sure everyone on the cruise has their “moment” at some point. Find ways to create special moments for people through your product.
  7. Appreciated: Sixthman “bye-fives” everyone as they leave the ship and finds other ways to make their guests feel appreciated – like having the band leave them a voicemail thanking them for coming.



The most successful entrepreneurs share these two characteristics:

  1. They are on a path to physical health
  2. They make connection with their spouse a top priority

For Andy, focusing on these two things changed his life and the life of his company. The company’s best two years came directly after he shifted his focus to these areas, allowing him to be a better leader and empower others to do those things as well.



  • Your people are the product, so you have to put them first and your shareholders last.
  • Don’t think “how is my staff working for me,” but “how are we working for them.” If you work for your staff, they will work for the customer.
  • Care for your employees inside and outside of work. If your staff is struggling outside of the office, it will affect their work.
  • Consider helping your team set personal goals. As an entrepreneurial leader, you’ve already honed that skill. Help your employees feel cared for by passing it on.


How To Land the Mentor Of Your Dreams Checklist




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