7CEO 014: A Sales Conversion System To Grow Your Business with Marshawn Evans

On January 14, 2016

7CEO 014: A Sales Conversion System To Grow Your Business with Marshawn Evans

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Today we’re talking with a friend and great business leader, Marshawn Evans.  She was third runner up for Miss American and was a contestant for 10 out of 13 weeks of Donald Trumps’s show The Apprentice.  She is also the author of SKIRTS In The Boardroom. She is a lawyer out of Georgetown and had a successful speaking career early in her life.  trained is also a speaker and Georgetown lawyer.

Her time on The Apprentice taught her that she had a real talent for branding, speaking and project management. Her success there showed her that as business leaders, we must be willing to share secrets with each other and work together to accomplish more.

She is the chairwoman of the Godfidence Business School.  They work to help women speakers expand their influence and income through conferences and coaching groups.

Marshawn’s business has doubled every year in revenue since beginning and after three years it broke the 7-Figure revenue mark.


Marshawn’s website: http://marshawn.com or http://Godfidence.com

Marshawn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/marshawnevans

SKIRTS In The Boardroom: Available On Amazon

Kolbe Assessment: http://kolbe.com/

Key Lessons

Make Up Your Mind

When you make up your mind, your mind will begin to make things happen.  Nothing will happen until you make your mind up.  If you want your life to change, you are in control of that and simply need to make a decision. Indecision is a decision – you’re comfortable where you are and you don’t believe in yourself or the people around you.
Have A Greater Vision

In order to make a decision, you should have a greater vision for your life and company.  What matters to you? What do you have to offer the world and the people around you that they will miss out on if you don’t do what you’re called to do?  Recognizing your greater vision will help you breakthrough to the next level.


Hiring your first employee can be difficult because you feel the responsibility to .  You need to start by hiring to your weaknesses and allow you to spend your time doing what will make you more money.  You need to give away the tasks that other people can do so you can free yourself up.

Using tests like the Kolbe will help you better understand people and hire to your weaknesses.  it will give you a more objective view of the candidates you’re looking to hire. Optimism can be a hurdle for you; using assessments can help you overcome this during the hiring process.

Sales Conversion System

The most important system and process you can have in place to scale your business to 7-figures is the sales conversion system. Entrepreneurs often sell from a place of passion for their product or services and fail to think through the entire system to get people to buy.  That includes selling, converting, delivering your service/product and upsells to increase your customer lifetime value.  It’s important to thing through the different scenarios and depersonalize the process.

Depersonalize Your Business

It’s important to create boundaries in what you’re involved in as the entrepreneur.  If everything is about you within the business, it is difficult to scale to 7-figures because you have limits. Your strengths as the owner, can also be the limiting factors of growing the business.  We often get distracted and end up being involved in more than we should that limit our effectiveness as the leader and the scalability of the business.

Look At Your Numbers

Take time to evaluate your numbers to determine which product offerings give you the biggest return with the least investment. Seeing what those products and services are will allow you to streamline what you’re doing and focus on what will grow your business. Growth happens when you do less.

Mentors versus Magicians

Hiring a coach is not an investment in coaching – it’s an investment in yourself. You are the only person who can invest in you and making that investment indicates you’re serious about growing to the next level.

Mentors are people who have wisdom from their experience to help you in your experiences.  Magicians have a specific skill that you want to learn.  Be sure to distinguish between these before you hire someone based on what your need is at the time.





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