4 Dumb Mistakes I Made When Starting A Business

On April 6, 2016

4 Dumb Mistakes I Made When Starting A Business

Here are a few dumb things I did when I started creating companies.

1. I didn’t pay myself

I paid other people, but didn’t pay myself.  I learned the lesson the hard way. Paying yourself teaches the business to exist with your salary.  I do not subscribe to the belief of getting paid purely out of profits.  I have a salary & profit sharing like everyone else in our companies.

2. I believed in a business plan

Business plans are good for about 5 minutes.  I had this idea I thought was great, but people weren’t buying it.  I spent MONTHS creating a business plan that was 100% wrong.  I don’t think it’s wrong to have a business plan, just don’t believe in it.

Business plans rarely make it past your first few customers.

3. I thought I WAS the business

I treated the business like it was me and I was the business.  This is dumb and creates bad habits.  Within 2 years I realized that the business is a living thing.  It should exist without me.  I shouldn’t have personal entanglement with the business.

The problem with thinking that you are your business is that you can’t make good decisions because everything is too emotional. When I started separating the business from my personality, we could make decisions for the BUSINESS, not just Casey.

4. I didn’t hire quickly enough

{Very Important}

I hired Renee, my assistant, for 2 hours a day, but I should have hired her for 20 hours immediately.  I truly believe not delegating faster to an assistant kept me doing $20/hour work.

14 years later, Renee & I still work together & created this training for you.  

If you do not take any advice I ever give, please take the advice of maximizing a personal assistant. Nothing will elevate your game more than a high level personal assistant that is proactive at positioning you to do $10,000/hour work.
This training is available to watch at your convenience and will help you accomplish more in less time with a rockstar assistant.




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