Category: Leadership

On April 24, 2012

3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make In The Shark Tank & Real Life

The Shark Tank is my favorite television show. On the show, hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to five sharks (investors).  The sharks then decide if they want to invest in the idea or not.  The show is obviously made for TV so there are many bozo’s that pitch dumb ideas. However, many great entrepreneurs
On April 20, 2012

Launching Isn’t Leading

I am wired to launch stuff. Launch is easy for me. However…. Launching something & leading something are two different things.  Launching something is about attracting a crowd, leading something is about building the core Launching something is about the hype, leading something is about the help Launching something is short term, leading something is long term 
On April 17, 2012

Gimmicks Gone Wild

I am watching leaders try to increase attendance, sales, marketing results and everything else through gimmicks.  I can talk about gimmicky people because I’m a recovering gimmic-aholic. What is a gimmick?  Wikipedia says: a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought
On April 12, 2012

Calling Your Customers Keeps You Humble

I randomly call customers.  Here is what I’ve learned: Calling a customer a day keeps pride away When the owner calls someone who makes a small purchase, it makes a big difference.  Here is why you should always call customers or take phone calls from customers: 1. They will make you better if you LISTEN! 
On April 11, 2012

My Time Management Is HORRIBLE! (and I don’t feel bad about it)

Okay, I read management blogs and books all the time.  Frankly, they make me feel bad about how bad I manage my time. I was meeting with two mentors this past year and both of them seemed to not ever be busy.  Both of them have accomplished HUGE things in their industries.  They kind of
On April 10, 2012

I Wouldn’t Follow Me On Twitter

One day I decided to read my tweets and I learned a lot about myself. I learned that twitter was all about ME AND MY MESSAGE. Then I asked myself, “Would I follow anyone that tweeted so selfishly?”  I believe in that moment I had a twitter salvation. I believe twitter should maintain the same
On April 5, 2012

Why Entrepreneurs Are Discouraged

I am passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs. Why? We are changing the world, employing people, stimulating economy, moving things forward, and helping people.  While all of this is true, a lot of entrepreneurs I meet with are tired, worn out or beat down. Most entrepreneurs want more sales, better customer reviews, more team members & bigger office