Category: Leadership

On October 22, 2013

How I Accomplish My Top 3 Goals Every Week

As an entrepreneur, we can live in a results economy or an activity economy. Activity feels good, but doesn’t produce much.  Results drive your business & life forward.   I have to constantly remind my team that sharing a list of activities with me doesn’t impress me, results do.  Did you get it done or
On September 9, 2013

1 Thing NOT To Do When Starting A Business

I have two very unique opportunities I’m working on right now.  I’m back at working through start-up again.  After being a full time entrepreneur for 62 months now, I’ve forgotten how scary start-up is.  Right this second I’m sitting in Starbucks, scheming & planning. Every time I’ve started a company, I go through a few
On September 7, 2013

My Rocket Party Speech

(The following is the script I wrote for the speech I gave at our Rocket Company Party to celebrate our 5 year anniversary) Five years ago we had nothing but a dream… The dream was to help churches have more money for ministry.  We started with nothing.  Not one contract.  Not one promise of success.
On August 30, 2013

Why Likability Can Be A Leadership Liability

This post comes from a deep place in my life & I’m kinda scared to write it. Here is the deal, I want you to like me.  I like to be liked.  Being liked is very important to me & I spend a lot of my time & energy ensuring that people like me.  
On August 23, 2013

How Do You Make The INC 5000 List?

I am super proud to say that The Rocket Company was named to the INC 5000 list.  Our rank is 602.  You can check out the award & stats here.  We will be writing a lot about this over the next year but I wanted to let you in on one secret to growth.  It isn’t
On August 5, 2013

5 Reasons Michael Hyatt Is Successful & How You Can Be Too

I’ve watched Michael Hyatt from afar for a few years & I’ve loved watching him succeed.  If you don’t know who Michael is, you can link here & check him out.  Here are a couple of his accomplishments: New York Time Best Seller Launched a $300,000 membership program on his first try Has mega traffic
On July 29, 2013

How To Make Any Friendship Better In 30 Days

I have gotten more emails, tweets & Facebook messages about the post I did called How To Have Amazing Friendships than any other post I’ve ever done.  I wanted to follow up with a step-by-step guide to improving one friendship over the next 30 days. We first have to understand that deep friendship is built
On July 29, 2013

7 Leadership Lessons From Being Backstage With Imagine Dragons

It’s been a long time since a band as good as Imagine Dragons has come around.  My friend Louie Lovoy turned me on to them a while back & together we have watched them go from obscurity to mega-stars.  This band doesn’t just play good music, they are leaders.  They are influencing a generation of
On July 24, 2013

Why Leading Out Of Your Strengths Isn’t Enough

We are in part 3 of the series entitled, How To Avoid The 10 Mistakes I Made When Starting Our Organization.  Today, we will look at Mistake #3 I made. I am a hungry learner.  I am constantly listening to podcasts, reading articles and pursuing mentors.  Every thing I learn says something like: Do what