Category: Customer Service

On May 4, 2012

How To Treat Clients & Build A Massive Tribe

We recently had someone write an article on our organization about how we treat people.  This article was written by Brian Dodd & he has an excellent leadership blog. This was observed from a 3rd party.  If someone was going to write about your company, church, or non-profit, what would they write? Here are 32
On April 25, 2012

One Of The Best Mom’s I Know – Orange Conference Learnings

This was from an interview with one of the best mom’s I know, Autumn Ward. This is good learning for anyone that is a parent. After you discipline them, then you need to direct them Parenting is an 18 year process, think long term If you don’t talk and you listen, you just may learn
On April 25, 2012

Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

Here are my notes from Jeff Henderson’s breakout at Orange Conference 2012.  He spoke about Priorities.  Jeff is on the team with Preaching Rocket.  Preaching Rocket is one of our organizations that serves churches. Keeping the main thing the main thing is not an easy thing “The role of the leader is to keep the
On April 17, 2012

Gimmicks Gone Wild

I am watching leaders try to increase attendance, sales, marketing results and everything else through gimmicks.  I can talk about gimmicky people because I’m a recovering gimmic-aholic. What is a gimmick?  Wikipedia says: a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought
On April 12, 2012

Calling Your Customers Keeps You Humble

I randomly call customers.  Here is what I’ve learned: Calling a customer a day keeps pride away When the owner calls someone who makes a small purchase, it makes a big difference.  Here is why you should always call customers or take phone calls from customers: 1. They will make you better if you LISTEN! 
On April 11, 2012

How About This For A Freaking Business Plan

I was whining to my wife about a competitor that sent spies into our membership program to rip off our content ideas. Over the phone she said, “The best business plan is to care about your team & existing clients. Don’t worry about the competitors.” I was so taken back by the simplicity of this.