How To Treat Clients & Build A Massive Tribe

On May 4, 2012

How To Treat Clients & Build A Massive Tribe

We recently had someone write an article on our organization about how we treat people.  This article was written by Brian Dodd & he has an excellent leadership blog.

This was observed from a 3rd party.  If someone was going to write about your company, church, or non-profit, what would they write?

Here are 32 things he describes about our culture & how we treat people.

The Rocket Company:

  • serves the tribe.
  • resources the tribe.
  • is accessible to the tribe.
  • enables the tribe.
  • has a diversified tribe.  All church cultures, sizes, streams of faith, and geographic locations are represented.
  • creates new rules for the tribe.
  • changes tribal behavior as the culture changes.
  • makes things easy and practical for the tribe.
  • does great research to understand his tribe’s behavior.
  • practices honesty with the tribe.  He teaches the tribe that there are no silver bullets or shortcuts to success.
  • offers special products and pricing only for the tribe.
  • builds a great team to help him serve the tribe better.
  • has great energy which inspires the tribe.
  • is accountable to the tribe offering full money-back-guarantees if they are not satisfied.
  • does not expect the tribe to come to him.  He goes to where the tribe is.
  • expands the thinking of the tribe.
  • surprises the tribe with humor.
  • helps prepare the tribe for what they will be facing the future.
  • provides and changes systems and procedures for the tribe.
  • appreciates the tribe.  They say, “Thank You”.
  • leads the tribe digitally.
  • identifies leaders within the tribe.
  • leads the leaders within the tribe.
  • addresses the issues the tribe is facing.
  • brings solutions to the issues the tribe is facing.
  • makes the tribe take action.
  • connects with the tribe on Twitter.
  • helps the tribe prioritize their time, energy, and resources.
  • helps the tribe go farther, faster.
  • wakes up dreaming about what keeps the tribe awake at night.
  • plans to grow the tribe.
  • prays for the tribe that they will experience breakthroughs in their ministry.

If someone was to write about your organization, what would you want them to write?

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