On May 20, 2016

7CEO 030: You Need An Advisory Board with Casey Graham

Today Casey Graham, host of the 7-Figure CEO podcast, is talking about a topic that is not discussed often enough: Having an advisory board as an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs balk at the idea of having a board because they want the freedom to do what they think is best for their business and not have
On May 13, 2016

7CEO 029: Don’t Suck At What You Do with Shannon Miles

We are thrilled to host Shannon Miles. Shannon co-founded Miles Advisory Group (MAG) with her husband, Bryan in 2010. She serves as COO at the organization, which is the parent company for eaHELP, MAG Bookkeeping, Render Virtual Webmaster Services, and Ellipsis Virtual Writers. Shannon and Bryan left their high-paying jobs to start MAG in 2010
On May 6, 2016

7CEO 028: Creating A 7-Figure Culture In Your Business With Andy Levine

We are honored to host Andy Levine on the show today. Andy is currently the Chief Experience Officer at Sixthman, a company he founded 15 years ago. Sixthman started as a music management company, but the company’s trajectory shifted when they found a new way to create moments between the artists and their fans. The
On April 29, 2016

7CEO 027: Key Leadership Lessons On The Road To 7 Figures with Alan Bracken

Today we are hosting Alan Bracken, a successful entrepreneur who started his first company, Bracken Paving, at 19 years old. Four years into the business, they crossed the 7 figure mark and after 20 years of growth and success in the industry he sold the company. Alan now uses the lessons he learned to “empower
On April 22, 2016

7CEO 026: Breaking Through 7-Figures After A Decade With Lee Goff

On this episode of The 7-Figure CEO Podcast, we host Lee Goff, the founder of GetUWired, which is a digital marketing agency. They do marketing automation or business automation in the digital assets arena, which in “country simple” terms is basically making websites pretty. They have over 3,000 clients globally, including Daymond John and Jay
On April 14, 2016

7CEO 025: Six Stages Of Business Growth With Sean Greeley

Today we host sports and fitness enthusiast, Sean Greeley. He was coaching adults in fitness and sports and had over 650 clients until he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which led him to sell his fitness facilities. He became a consultant to other fitness coaches during his treatment and recovery. Once he became healthy,
On April 8, 2016

7CEO 024: Zero To 7-Figures In 11 Months with Jason Swenk

Today we’re honored to have Jason Swenk on this episode of The 7-Figure CEO Podcast. He started a digital agency in 1999, which he sold after 12 years. He now helps digital agency owners scale their businesses. This, he says, is the coolest business he has ever created. But what is digital marketing? It is
On April 6, 2016

4 Dumb Mistakes I Made When Starting A Business

Here are a few dumb things I did when I started creating companies. 1. I didn’t pay myself I paid other people, but didn’t pay myself.  I learned the lesson the hard way. Paying yourself teaches the business to exist with your salary.  I do not subscribe to the belief of getting paid purely out
On March 25, 2016

7CEO 022: How Doing Less Work Led To Faster Results With Craig Johnson

On this episode of 7-figure CEO Podcast, we’re honored to interview Craig Johnson, President and Co-founder of Matchstic, a branding firm based in Atlanta, GA. In his words, Craig says his firm basically leads its clients to understand who they really are. He was an aspiring rock star early on in his career, which he