On July 8, 2016

7CEO 037: How To Use Speaking To Grow Past 7 Figures With Pete Vargas

Today we have Pete Vargas, Advance Your Reach, which trains speakers and businesses to use speaking as a tool to build their business. Pete began the business 14 years ago while he was working full time as a youth pastor. He worked early in the morning and late at night to get things started. LINKS E-mail video
On July 1, 2016

7CEO 036: 5 Reasons Your Business Can’t Run Without You (And You Will Never Sell It)

Entrepreneurs and business owners are on a slippery slope. They are often the default center of the business and that is an unforgiving hamster wheel. This is why most small businesses can’t scale…they can’t grow beyond the entrepreneur’s personal capacity.  I did a Facebook Live broadcast about 5 Reasons Your Business Can’t Run Without You
On June 24, 2016

7CEO 035: From $50 A Day To 7-Figures With Jeff Luther

Today we’re talking with Jeff Luther, founder and President of Home-Probe, Inc. He started his home inspection business 15 years ago without any intention of it being a stable business, but as a way to pay the bills early on. After just a few years, he crossed the 7-figure revenue mark.   LINKS Do You Have
On June 23, 2016

Do You Have A Self-Sustaining Business?

Now here’s a play outta Houdini’s handbook… This post flirts in the realm of rule breaking, so if you like things nice and neat…peace out. But. If you’re still reading, maybe…just maybe, you’re seeking freedom with your business. Listen to me. So many business leaders get shackled to their business in a water tight tank.
On June 17, 2016

7CEO 034: Three Types Of People You Need To Get Your Business To 7-Figures

Today Casey brings along two of the people who helped him start, grow and sell a 7-figure business, Becca Harper and Renee Weber. They talk together about how they’ve worked together for the past 8 years and how their different wiring has helped them work together for success. They reference Les McKeown’s book The Synergist throughout
On June 10, 2016

7CEO 033: How A Writer Built A 7-Figure Business With Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins was the marketing director for a non-profit when he started a blog and collecting email addresses. His list grew to 10,000 emails within the first year when he began to figure out how to monetize his site in order to quit his day job. He started by writing books and ebooks for writers
On June 3, 2016

7CEO 032: Simple Finances For Entrepreneurs With Frank Lunn Of Kahuna Accounting

Frank Lunn is the founder of Kahuna Business Group and Kahuna Accounting in Bloomington, IL. He started the business focusing on ATM equipment and payment processing services that was the middle, aggregate sales machine for banks and retail companies.He combined his experience in gas station operations with community merchant services to put ATM machines in gas
On May 27, 2016

7CEO 031: Values Of The Growing Business With Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler started Church Community Builder 15 years ago to help solve the need for software that helps the organization operate more effectively.  They currently have 120 staff members and serve over 4,300 churches worldwide with their software. Prior to starting his company he helped start Outreach Marketing that focused on helping churches get more
On May 20, 2016

7CEO 030: You Need An Advisory Board with Casey Graham

Today Casey Graham, host of the 7-Figure CEO podcast, is talking about a topic that is not discussed often enough: Having an advisory board as an entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs balk at the idea of having a board because they want the freedom to do what they think is best for their business and not have
On May 13, 2016

7CEO 029: Don’t Suck At What You Do with Shannon Miles

We are thrilled to host Shannon Miles. Shannon co-founded Miles Advisory Group (MAG) with her husband, Bryan in 2010. She serves as COO at the organization, which is the parent company for eaHELP, MAG Bookkeeping, Render Virtual Webmaster Services, and Ellipsis Virtual Writers. Shannon and Bryan left their high-paying jobs to start MAG in 2010