On November 4, 2016

7CEO 047: Building Your Target Audience With Brian Clark

Brian Clark is the CEO and Founder of Rainmaker Digital which “provides tools and training for content marketers and digital entrepreneurs”. They’re the company behind Copyblogger, StudioPress, and Rainmaker Platform. Initially, they built individual companies that reached 7 figures or more that were eventually rolled into one company (Rainmaker Digital) in order to provide a
On October 28, 2016

7CEO 046: Effective People Management With Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim was propelled into the health, fitness and well-being industry after going through some medical circumstances he faced at a young age. He had a rebellious, entrepreneurial personality and decided to start his own company to help people become healthy. In his first year, he made $6,000 online working part-time. After four years, they
On September 23, 2016

7CEO 045: 8 Non-Negotiables Of Business Finance With Casey Graham

How do you take control of your business finances without spending a bunch more time you don’t have and reduce your stress? After starting & selling multiple companies, including a three-peat INC 5000 business, Casey Graham has put together “The 8 Non-Negotiables Of Business Finance” and he shares them in this recent training for business
On September 9, 2016

7CEO 044: Time Management That Actually Works With Casey Graham

Traditional time management is often one of the biggest barriers to growth and fulfillment as a business owner. Casey recently hosted a free training call for business owners, presidents and CEOs to talk about why traditional time management doesn’t work and what to do about it. When starting a business, it requires a different kind of
On September 2, 2016

7CEO 043: Invest In Your Team With Elizabeth Dukes

Today we’re talking with Elizabeth Dukes, co-founder, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer of iOffice – a workplace management solution for fast-growing businesses. They offer a variety of software solutions to help create fantastic work environments that promote collaboration and productivity. Elizabeth helped start the business 15 years ago and they broke through the 7-figure mark after
On August 19, 2016

7CEO 042: How To Delegate Work And Ensure It’s Done Right

Delegation is a big issue among entrepreneurs and hinders the ability to scale their leadership and business. Today I’m sharing a web training from a few weeks ago on how to delegate and ensure the work is done right.   LINKS Check out Belay (Virtual Executive Assistants – formerly eaHelp): Purchase Assistant Rocket:
On August 5, 2016

7CEO 041: From Bankruptcy To 7 Figures In 9 Months With Leah McHenry

Leah McHenry is our first success story from podcast listeners to break through the 7-figure mark. Leah and her husband and business partner, Steve, started listening in the fall of 2015 as they launched an information business for musicians. They were broke, living paycheck to paycheck less than 12 months ago, and now they’re making over
On July 29, 2016

7CEO 040: Master Your Hiring Process With Brad Weimert

Brad Weimert started Easy Pay Direct in 2009 – an online credit card processing company for high-level e-commerce businesses. Specifically they began to help “high risk” businesses susceptible to consumer disputes have stable merchant services. He started the company after his personal experience with other processing companies and wanted to solve the need in this niche.
On July 22, 2016

7CEO 039: How A Moving Company Broke Through To 7 Figures With Wade Lombard

Today we have Wade Lombard, 35 year old entrepreneur from Birmingham, Alabama. In 2007, he transitioned from ministry to start a new business, Square Cow Moovers, in Austin, Texas, with his dad and brother-in-law. They began the company in the recession of 2008 without any knowledge of the moving industry. They built their business with