On April 21, 2017

7CEO 055: Self-Sabotaging Your Business With David Bayer

After David Bayer graduated from college, he created an online business to sell posted for college dorm rooms. That led to him doing internet marketing for Ducati Bikes as they launched, as well as starting a company that built out a network of financial service sites using SEO. He went through a very difficult time
On April 14, 2017

7CEO 054: How To Explode Your Business With Webinars With Mariah Coz

Mariah Coz is the founder of Femtrepreneur – a company that helps entrepreneurs with digital products and premium programs that help with the creation of online courses. The courses are typically geared for small niches where they can create a big difference and impact in that industry. She created her first online course about how
On March 31, 2017

7CEO 053: Think Bigger With Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord

Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord of Funded Today join us in this episode from Utah. Zach is the CEO and Co-Founder and has been in sales and the digital space for about 10 years. Thomas was in law school when he became intrigued with digital marketing. He used his background and skills most recently working
On March 24, 2017

7CEO 052: Lead Generation With Vince Reed

Vince Reed became an internet marketing junkie in 2007 during the real estate market collapse when he needed to make a career change just to pay the bills. He learned lead generation and created three companies around what he learned. He recently sold one of those marketing companies and now focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how
On March 17, 2017

7CEO 051: Sticky Business With Benj Miller

Benj Miller is a serial entrepreneur – I call him the “Atlanta Richard Branson” – he has three businesses over the 7-Figure mark with a fourth on its way! He is passionate about helping small business owners build their businesses and provide the assets they need for growth. 1. Syrup Marketing works with companies ($3-30MM
On March 10, 2017

7CEO 050: Prioritizing Your Day With Bryan Miles

Bryan Miles is the Co-Founder and CEO of Belay Solutions (formerly Miles Advisory Group with brands eaHelp, MAG Bookkeeping). He and his wife, Shannon, started Belay a few years ago as a virtual services organization to serve leaders around the country. They live in Georgia with their 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. Bryan joins us
On February 3, 2017

7CEO 049: Your Perfect Day With Andy Levine

Andy Levine started his company, Sixthman, 15 years ago which takes fans and bands on vacation together on cruise ships. He sold it in 2012 and continued to run it until 2016 when he stepped into the role of Chairman. He was a previous guest of the podcast on episode 28. Today we’re taking a
On December 23, 2016

7CEO 048: How To Scale Your Business With Cindy Eagar From Infusionsoft Elite Programs

Today we’re flipping the mic and my friend, Cindy Eagar from Infusionsoft is interviewing me. Infusionsoft is best know for it’s small business automated marketing software. While they sell software, they’re really on a mission to help small businesses succeed. One of the avenues they do this through the Elite Programs, which Cindy runs. LINKS
On November 4, 2016

7CEO 047: Building Your Target Audience With Brian Clark

Brian Clark is the CEO and Founder of Rainmaker Digital which “provides tools and training for content marketers and digital entrepreneurs”. They’re the company behind Copyblogger, StudioPress, and Rainmaker Platform. Initially, they built individual companies that reached 7 figures or more that were eventually rolled into one company (Rainmaker Digital) in order to provide a
On October 28, 2016

7CEO 046: Effective People Management With Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim was propelled into the health, fitness and well-being industry after going through some medical circumstances he faced at a young age. He had a rebellious, entrepreneurial personality and decided to start his own company to help people become healthy. In his first year, he made $6,000 online working part-time. After four years, they