Avoid These 5 Newsletter Mistakes

On October 23, 2013

Avoid These 5 Newsletter Mistakes

Newsletters can be extremely effective in nurturing prospects. They can also be extremely ineffective. The difference is your newsletter philosophy.

At The Rocket Company, we have tried a lot of different things I’d like to share the 5 things you shouldn’t do.

1. Make it all about you

What if the New York Times Newspaper wrote all about their company? What if the entire paper was about what was happening in their advertising department internally? It would be terrible. However, so many companies use newsletters to talk about THEMSELVES. Guess what, nobody cares about you. They care about them.

Make sure the content of the newsletter is focused on what they care about, not what you care about.

2. Use cheesy clip art

The 1990’s called & they want their clip art back! If you use graphics, make sure they are professionally designed & are used to build brand or as banner ads for people to click.

3. Talk about too much

Our newsletters are about one subject per newsletter. Putting 5-10 different things in the newsletter isn’t as effective as talking about one subject. Sure, you can give many links & different articles but have a purpose!

4. Not telling people they will get a newsletter

Yeah I know, you think because they opted into your webinar you should send them newsletters from now until they opt out. Guess what, sneaking content into peoples inbox hurts you more than helps you. I’ve made this mistake & it’s best to be up front & ask if they want to receive it. Quit using ebook & email opt in’s to make it all about your marketing.

This is one change we are making at The Rocket Company.  I did this the wrong way & take responsibility.

5. Not being helpful

If your newsletter doesn’t help people, it’s pointless. Seriously, read your last newsletter & ask yourself, “Would I even want to read this?” Be honest. If you aren’t helpful with your content, it’s actually hurtful to your brand.

Question: What are some other newsletter mistakes you have seen or made?  What kind of newsletters do you actually read? 

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