Anatomy Of The Perfect Follow Up Sequence

On October 2, 2013

Anatomy Of The Perfect Follow Up Sequence

If you want to grow your organization, this post is for you.  If you use the web at all to connect with your tribe, you should consider using automated follow up sequences.

A follow up sequence is what you do after people take any kind of action with you.  That action might include filling out a contact form, opting in to your email list, calling your office, emailing you personally, tweeting you, filling out a card at a live event or anything like this.  Their action should cause an AUTOMATED reaction.  It’s totally fine to reach out personally, but what I’ve found is this…

You can’t personally communicate with everybody.  You are limited & you must use the power of automation if you want to grow.  We grew by 832% over the last three years because we worked very hard on the art of the follow up.

Every action should have a planned & automated reaction

We use Infusionsoft to help us automate everything I’m about to tell you.  If you don’t use Infusionsoft, you are 100% missing out on the best automated marketing tool in the last decade.

I truly can’t believe everyone on earth doesn’t do this.  It’s so effective & will create growth to your company, non-profit or church automatically.

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Follow Up Sequence

1. Begin With The Goal In Mind

We predetermine where we want people to end up & create a follow up sequence that takes them there.  For instance, we might want someone to join a free trial within the next 30 days.  We know that is the end game so we craft a journey for them that warms them up & prepares them for a purchase.  Your goal might be that they set up an appointment, consume more content, or buy something.

The key is to design your sequence with THEM in mind.

2. Create Relational Bond

This is the most overlooked part of automated marketing.  Most people just send people content.  Content isn’t the answer, relationship is.  They need to feel like they know you personally.  The key is to pick 3 things you want them to know & keep talking about them.

For me, I talk about:

  • Origination story
    • (where we came from & how bad we sucked early on) Read that story here.
  • My old red truck stories
    • Old war stories of driving around cold calling & stupid mistakes I made
  • My family & dog
    • I show pictures of my family & dog.
    • I tell funny stories from home
    • I let people know we aren’t perfect

Throughout all of your content, weave this kinda thing.

3. Send More Communication Than You Feel Comfortable Sending

The father of information marketing Dan Kennedy says, “Feed your herd or they will wander off to someone who will.”  If you don’t consistently communicate with new contacts, they will become cold contacts.  Fill out the form below & I will send you an entire sequence we have done.  It will help you not start from scratch.

4.  Write Everything In Advance

You can’t keep up with the content if you write it as you go.  Binge write all the follow up sequence content in advance & let automation do its work for you.  Here is the link to watch an Infusionsoft demo.

How well are you doing with following up with new contacts?  What specific questions do you have about this?

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