3 Tips On Becoming Famous In Your Niche & Exploding Your Income

On May 20, 2014

3 Tips On Becoming Famous In Your Niche & Exploding Your Income

I was at lunch one time and a friend of mine looked at another guy & said, “You are niche famous.”

He went on to describe what he meant by that & I thought it was an interesting concept.  You are niche famous when the majority of the niche you serve knows you or your brand.  Here are a few benefits of being niche famous:

  • You can get things done faster
  • You can serve more customers
  • You can create significant partnerships to multiply your company
  • You will be invited to speak at industry events
  • You will attract top talent to your organization
  • You will multiply your income

If you don’t want to do any of those things, then this blog isn’t for you.  But if you do, here are a few tips to help you gain influence in your niche:

1. Be really good at something EXTREMELY specific

Generalist rarely dominate.  The fastest way to a successful enterprise of any kind is to be unique.  Copying what successful people do is a bad idea.  While you should learn from them, you should find a corner of the market that isn’t being served well & take it over.

Example: When we started helping churches, I was too general.  I said, “I help churches raise more money.”  For two years we didn’t get much traction. Then we made a pivot.

I started saying, “We help churches that want to increase operational revenue.” Period.  This totally gave us the upper hand & exploded our presence in the church niche.

Are you too general?

2.  Do something nobody else is doing

We recently launched Business Rocket into the information marketing niche.  We have seen a lot of success within 10 months because we are doing something nobody else is doing.  We are teaching people how to create recurring revenue in their business through selling information.

Now, others have done this but they didn’t ONLY do this.  That’s where we have focused.

Because of this, people want to partner with us & have us speak places.  It’s simple because we offer a very niche & unique offering.

Is your service offering or product truly unique? (Don’t lie to yourself and think it is if it truly isn’t.) 

3. Be a good friend to the industry leaders

When we parachute into a new niche, we don’t try to compete with the current leaders of it.  That’s dumb.  Know what we do?  We befriend them.  We write thank you notes to them.  We add value to them.  We promote them.


THEY ARE THE INDUSTRY LEADERS!  They carved the niche.  They were there before you.  We believe in honoring the people that have gone before us, not bad mouthing them.  If you are trying to dominate your niche, wake up every day & ask yourself, “Who is an industry leader that I can add value to today?”

It will change everything for you.

Doors will open over time & you will step into your destiny.  Honor the leaders, they will sooner or later honor you.

Who are the industry leaders in your niche?  How can you promote something they are doing today? 

You are in control of how quickly you can become famous in your niche.  What are you doing about it today?

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