3 Things I Learned About Outstanding Guest Service Volunteers at Gwinnett Church

On February 27, 2013

3 Things I Learned About Outstanding Guest Service Volunteers at Gwinnett Church

This past Sunday, I attended Gwinnett Church with my family of four. Jeff Henderson, the pastor of this church, is a good friend of mine.  Jeff is part of the Preaching Rocket team, so we thought we would sneak over to this campus & see how things were going.  I have volunteered for three years inside of North Point Ministries & now I’m studying each campus.  I am looking under the hood & seeing what the secret sauce is for each one.

I would classify Gwinnett Church as the Chick-Fil-A Church.  I say this because the Guest Service volunteers were the best I’ve experienced.  The whole church experience was great, but I want to focus on the Three Things I Learned About Outstanding Guest Service Volunteers:

1. Create a Red Wagon Moment

IMG_4380A Red Wagon moment can be anything you do for people’s kids that the parents will love.  Every church can afford a Red Wagon.  You wouldn’t believe how much my wife & kids loved having a wagon to ride into the church.  The point isn’t to give every kid a wagon ride, but to create a memorable experience when the guest arrives.  How is your parking team engaging people in the parking lot?  At Gwinnett Church, they aren’t parking cars, they are welcoming people.  Big difference & this happened in our first two minutes.

Cost to your church: $50 or under for a wagon.

2. Learn people’s names

The volunteers at Gwinnett Church called my daughter Darby by her name five separate times.  Not only did they call her first name, they got on their knee and looked her in the eye & welcomed her to the church & told her how much fun she was going to have.  Not only did they call Darby by name, they called me by name at three different points.  When my wife & I left the service, a greeter I didn’t even know looked at us & said, “Casey & Kacie, I hope you guys had a great time.”  We weren’t a number, we were people.

Cost to your church: $0

3. Walk people where they need to go, don’t point

The only negative we experienced was how spread out it was to check in two kids.  Their signage was great so we weren’t confused, but it was just far & didn’t make sense.  Because they know this is an issue, when we asked where to check in Darby, our five year old, they said, “Right this way.” They walked me across the entire building.  The lady’s name was Chrissy and she spoke to me and Darby.  She walked us all the way to the other children’s area & then waited on me.  Then she personally walked me to the auditorium. Great Guest Service people don’t point, they walk & talk.

Cost to your church: $0

Basically, Gwinnett Church was the Disney of churches we have attended.  I went into the visit trying to find somethings to critique but I couldn’t.  It was brilliantly executed by the good people of Gwinnett Church.

The Rocket Company is currently creating a 5 step volunteer process for churches to follow that will do ALL THIS WORK FOR YOU!  Yes, it’s true…. A How To & Done-For-You Volunteer process.  I’m gonna need some Beta testers… If you want to know about it early, fill this form out below.

What are some other inexpensive ways to make a big difference through Guest Services in a church?  Help us out… We want to know what your church does well! 

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