3 Differences In Slimy & Successful Sales People

On February 22, 2014

3 Differences In Slimy & Successful Sales People

At the end of the day, I am a sales guy.

Sure, I have the title of CEO & Founder, but I truly love to sell.  When I was in college, I used to go to college football stadiums with a few bucks in my pocket & flip tickets.  I would literally be there all day & make a few hundred on buying and selling tickets.

When I go to my local favorite restaurant, Mojito’s Cuban Bistro, I get on the stage & sing Ice Ice Baby with a Cuban band.  I sell the song.  I get into it.  I light up the stage like a vandal, feeling the place like a poisonous mushroom (if you don’t understand that last line, Google it).  At the end of the song, I sell everyone on the idea of getting up out of their chairs & dancing like complete manics around the restaurant.  We literally do conga lines & dance on chairs.  It is a complete blast!

Why do I share these stories?

Like I said, I’m a sales guy.  I love to sell people into things that I believe will make their lives better.  Whether it be football games or dancing their brains out.

However, over the last few months I’ve been bombarded with slimy sales people.

Last night, a carpet sales guy was in my house & he was as crooked as they come.  Recently I’ve been hit up from several Multi-Level-Marketing people that, “Just want to meet and talk business.”

Also, I’ve been around some really amazing sales people that want me to buy, but they totally go about it a different way.  So, I’ve identified 5 differences in slimy vs. successful sales people.

Disclaimer: You can be slimy & make A LOT of money.  Successful isn’t making money, successful is making money while making other people’s lives better from what you sell them. 

1. Successful Sales People Slowly Educate, Slimy Sales People Quickly Eliminate 

The successful sales person is fine with the buyer taking time to make a decision.  This doesn’t mean they don’t create urgency, but it does mean that they care about the potential buyer over the long haul.  The slimy sales person is VERY fast to move on if you aren’t going to buy RIGHT NOW.

Slimy sales people only care about one thing, money.  While making money is good, creating customers for life is better.  If you do not get the sale today, do you nurture your customers or write them off?

Successful Sales Tip: Create automated follow up campaigns for non-buyers.  We use a mix of direct mail, email & social media to keep future potential customers engaged! 

2. Successful Sales People Are Helpful, Slimy Sales People Are Harassing 

The successful sales person will give you value regardless if you buy.  I just had a painter leave my house.  He was here giving a quote for a few things.  As he slowly walked around with us, he gave us tips & helpful things we could do right away, EVEN if we didn’t hire him.  He showed us a few “tricks” that would make our cabinets look really good & slowly explained how to do it.  He was helpful.

The slimy carpet guy literally said, “Mr. Graham, I’ve been doing this 22 years & you don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to carpet.”  He said that because I asked, “Isn’t this close to builders grade carpet?”  I almost threw him out of my house.  He wanted one thing – a check.  He didn’t want to help on any level.  When he felt he wasn’t going to get the sale, he got louder & more aggressive. He was harassing.

Successful Sales Tip: Give away A LOT of free advice all of the time & help people no matter what!  You will have customers for years! 

3. Successful Sales People Are Persuasive, Slimy Sales People Are Manipulative  

The successful person will use everything they have to persuade you to buy.  They will use every tactic known to man to get you to cross over the line & make the purchase.  But they will not manipulate you into something they know isn’t best for you.

The slimy person will use manipulation to get you to buy regardless.  They don’t care about you, they care about themselves.

Successful Sales Tip: Hone your craft at persuasion, but never disown your values. 

At the end of the day, successful sales is about caring about others more than you care about yourself.  How do you feel you are doing as a sales person?  Is it about you or them?

I know this is a journey for me & I’m constantly having to learn and relearn how to put others first!

Comment: Have you ever dealt with a slimy sales person?  Leave comment & tell me your stories!  This could get fun 🙂




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