2 Simple Steps To Reduce Frustration As A Leader

On July 7, 2015

2 Simple Steps To Reduce Frustration As A Leader

Most leaders I talk with are frustrated.  Most of the time it has to do with other people.  Whether it be vendors, staff, family, customers or themselves… There is an underlying frustration.

I have personally experienced this as well.

One of my favorite quotes ever is, “The happiest and healthiest people are those whose expectations meet reality.” 

I could not agree more.

As leaders we have tons of expectations of others and ourselves.  So, how do you become happy and healthy?  Two ways.

1. Create Systems To Follow For EVERYTHING

I recently had an expectation that I assumed would be met, it wasn’t.  It wasn’t met because there isn’t a written process to follow.  That is my fault as a leader.  I could get mad and say, “Well, you just know that I want it done that way” ORRRRRRRRR actually do what great leaders do and create a system to follow.

The system is much more powerful than anything else I could do because regardless of staff turnover or changes, it is documented how to operate when certain things happen.

2. Communicate Clearly

My current coaches are hammering our mastermind group on eliminating open ended commitments on teams.  So let’s say you want a thank you note sent to every appointment you have…

Most leaders would tell their assistant, “I want a thank you note sent to every appointment I have.”

The assistant would probably say, “Okay.”

That’s a horrible way to communicate.  Why?

When do you want the note sent?  Who do you want to write it?  What should it be written on?  Should they be written once a week or once a day?

You have to get clear.  Here is what closing the communication loop looks like…

“I would like a thank you note sent to every appointment I have whether it’s by phone or in person.  I would like you to buy stationary of your choice and at the end of our Monday meetings, I would love for you to deliver this stationary to me.  I will personally write these notes and I would love for you to have the names and addresses on the envelopes before we meet.  Every Monday, we will send out the thank you notes from the previous seven day appointments.  Can I count on you to do this?”

This is clear communication.  Is it ridiculous? Sure it is.  Very few people demand clarity but if you want to increase effectiveness and decrease frustration, this is huge.

I could go on and on about this because it’s where i’m at as a leader but I’ll spare you… These two things will make  big difference for you, if you apply them.


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